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We cannot continue rescuing without support and help from foster homes. If you are located in or around Los Angeles and have extra space in your heart (and home) to foster one of our rescue dogs, please contact us.

Happy Angels Dog Rescue will provide food and basic supplies to all foster homes. Some of our foster parents feel like they are helping out by providing their own dog food and we appreciate the generosity.

If you would like to supply your foster dog with your own dog food and supplies, you are very welcome to do so. We will also provide medical expenses if it becomes necessary.

Sometimes some of our dogs have never experienced a loving home and it is a great opportunity for the dog to experience human companionship and socialization.


We are always looking for volunteers. Please consider joining us if you would like to volunteer!

If you have any kind of speciality, we also welcome anybody who would like to contribute their time and effort of their expertise. The more volunteers, the merrier!

There are many ways to volunteer for us. We are always in need for helping out at adoption events, transportation, grooming, fund raising, and much more.

Email us!


Since most of our rescues are strays or come from shelters their health is the number one concern for us, and getting them back to tip top shape can sometimes be costly.

Remaining funds are used to fund their transportation, microchipping, grooming, and spaying or neutering. We must support them completely until a family offers them a new life in their home.

We appreciate your help and support, and if you ever meet one of our dogs you'll be able to tell just how much they appreciate it.

Your donation is tax deductible!

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